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Trajan Ender

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Trajan Ender



Trajan Ender "The Relentless",  comes in at 6'0", 195 lbs. He is known for his finshers the Shooting Star Press,

and the "Kill Shot Driver" (Snow Plow.) He has held the ACW Heavyweight Champion, ACW Tag Team Champion, NWA-Rocky Mountain Cruiserweight Champion, UCW-Zero Tag Team Champion. He has faced the likes of Christopher Daniels, Joey Ryan, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Scott Lost, Big Babi Slymm, Mike Sydal, Awesome Andy, Angel Williams. To book Trajan contact

Damon TAZ

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Damon TAZ hails from Tampa, Florida and is 6'0", 245 pounds. He is a talented brawling wrestler who has 12 years in the business and has faced the likes of Bryan Clark, Kid Romeo, Terry Funk, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger and Lodi. To book him head over to

"Hardcore" Heather Owens

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Heather Gonzales

"Hardcore" Heather Owens, stands 5' 4" and weighs in at 140 pounds. Trained by Les Thatcher, Cody Hawk, and Matt Stryker, she hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the 2005 HWA Battle Royal Winner and is the Current XVW Open Gender Tag Team Champion. She has faced the likes of Nevaeh, Mickie Knuckles, Ann Brookstone, Mary Elizabeth Monroe.

To book Heather contact,

Flash Wheeler

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Ric Barr

Flash Wheeler a talented wrestling veteran he stands 6 feet tall, and 248 pounds. He has 14 years in the wrestling business. He hails from Kingtree, South Carolina. Trained by Reckless Youth, Don Montoya, Flexx Wheeler and ECW icon New Jack.

He has worked for promotions such as:


To book him contact


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Sabu, ECW and wrestling legend, hails from Lansing MI. He stands 5' 10" and weighs in at 220 pounds.
To book one of the best wrestlers of all time, contact

Robert "The Spike" Norton

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Brendan Fields

Robert "The Spike" Norton (overalls), he hails from the "South Side of the Tracks" and stands 6'3" weighs in at 275 pounds. Trained by Gino Caruso, IB Green & Kage, his accomplished from his words are as follows
-Achieving the dream

-Getting the crowd off their chairs and into the air as we clap our hands and stomp our feet! HILLBILLY STYLE!

Contact him at

"The Street Prophet" Don Juan DeNegro

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"The Street Prophet" Don Juan DeNegro, hails from Houston, Texas. He stands 5'10" and weighs in at 170 pounds. He his known for his finishing manuevers Heretic Driver and Retribution. Trained by Rip Evans, he was the 2006 XJam Wrestling Tough Enough Champion.
To book him, contact,

Ruthless Lala

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Ruthless Lala is a very talented female wrestler who is the current WBW Women's Champ, and as she said "I weigh in at none of your business and am tall enough to kick your ass." "The Baddest bitch in Texas," is billed from Beataho, New York. Her finisher is Lala Land and it's a fisherman spinning neckbreaker. Her motto is "go Hard or Get Hurt." Ruthless is trained by Hugh Rouge.

To book Lala contact





Leon Scott

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Leon Scott

Leon Scott stands 6'3'', weighs in at 222 pounds and hails from South Beach. Trained by Ray Ayala, his notable oppenents have been the likes of Jake Roberts, Shane Douglas, Raven, Manny Fernandez, Osama Nishimura and even Dory Funk, he has held many titles just a small portion being the SCW Tag Team Titles (twice) and the current Eclipse Unified Champion.

To book Leon contact him at



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Marius is a bizarre but brawilng superstar who weighs in at 221 pounds and stands 6'2".  He hails from Notre-Dame, and is a technical wrestler. His mentor is Rob Stardom. He has held a variety of titles including the

-Canadian Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion (2x)

-River City Wrestling Tag Team Champion (3x)

-River City Rumble Winner (2005)

-All Canadian Wrestling Western Canadian Tag Team Champion

-Premier Championship Wrestling Canadian Champion

-Steeltown Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (2x)

Marius also has a variety of Signature Manuvers

-Peyote Piledriver

-Fisherman Suplex

-Dragon Sleeper

He has faced some of the best in the biz today including, Austin Aries, Kenny Omega, Rick "The Model" Martel, Chi Chi Cruz, Raven

To book him, contact also check out his site,

Kelly O' Shelly

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Kelly O'Shelly

Kelly O'Shelly (the Irish Vyper) trained by Josef von Schmidt, Bull Dredd, Super Zeta, Jason Knight who is 6' 2" and 18 Stones hails from Cork County, Ireland (The Rebel Country) Talked about because of his wide array of abilities, Kelly is very skilled in the ring. His finishers are the Snakebite and the Cloverleaf. He is Power, Submission and lots of Trash Talking! is a video match of his worth watching.

To book him contact

The Rainbow Warrior

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The Rainbow Warrior, is a newer, yet savvy wrestler who is known for his technical abilities. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 160 pounds. Warrior hails from Cortland, New York, and trained by Gino Caruso, Horace White and Lil Daddy C. Rainbow is a flamboyant and eccentric bizzare individual, who everyone has a suspicion is not straight. His first match was in a 6 man tag against Marc Krieger and Superbad.
To book him contact

"The Strangler" Diego Corleone

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Joe Di Nuzzo

"The Strangler" Diego Corleone stands 6ft tall and weighs in at 210lbs. He has been named in Number 487 PWI's 500 2009! He has gone against the likes of Colt Cabana, The Naturals, Brutus Beefcake and even Sharkboy. He was tarined by Sonny Rodgers and Dave Storm.

He is a serious wrestler you want to have him at your next show, contact him at

Also go to


El Ligero

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El Ligero

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: 174lbs

From: Los Sancho,Mexico (now residing in Leeds,England)

Finishing Moves: The C4L DDT (Springboard Swinging DDT) Top Rope Splash


Titles Held: 2x 3CW Heavyweight Champion, 1PW World Tag Team Champion, 2x XWA Flyweight Champion, RDW Tag Team Champion, RDW Regional Lincolnshire Champion, RDW Blitz League 2008, RDW Lightweight Champion, 4FW JR Heavyweight Champion, BHW Heavyweight Champion, NWL Tag Team Champion, PTW Heavyweight Champion, NBW Cruiserweight Champion, NBW Openweight Champion, TAP Heavyweight Champion, TAP JR Heavyweight Champion, BRAWL Cruiserweight Champion, ACW Light Heavyweight Champion, 2x GNP Tag Team Champion, TXW Ax Champion, TXW Crush Champion

About Him: First arriving in the UK in 2001, El Ligero began training under the watch of Johnny Moss and now-retired ex-NWA Hammerlock grappler Alan Johnson in Sheffield. Ligero inititally only wrestled for EPW, and fellow Sheffield-based promotion UKWA. Ligero got his first real break, appearing on the 2nd ever GPW show, in 2004. It was in this promotion that Ligero recieved his first real UK exposure, and he has been a solid corner stone of the company ever since, wrestling continously for them over their 6 year existence, creating many a memorable moment. It was in GPW also, that he and JC Thunder began their rivalry, one that went all across the UK and even to NWA Wildside in Georgia, finally culminating in a memorable,bloody and violent No Holds Barred Match in 2005 that saw GPW temporarily banned from their home venue in Hindley! By 2007, Ligero had started to earn the reputation of one of the UK's most exciting and innovative young talents, as well as one of the most well-travelled, wrestling in the US, Spain, Italy, Holland and France, as well as the majority of the UK's wrestling companies. The masked sensation has been referred to as one of the UK's most dedicated, passionate and hard-working competitors, himself training such young UK talent as Cameron Kraze, Martin Kirby, Team Blossom and Nathan Cruz, and competing for over 80 companies worldwide, most recently becoming a regular for Brian Dixon's acclaimed All-Star Wrestling, as well as holding an elite place on the roster of the reborn FWA.

"Ravishing" Ric Ramon

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Adam Heath

"Ravishing" Ric Ramon trained by "Romeo" Rico Ramon, Pyro and "The Indian Outlaw" Benny Trueblood, stands 6'2" and weighs in at 253 pounds. Ric billed from Sarasota, Florida (looking for work in Indiana and Ohio.) 

Mr. Ramon is a former 5 time GWA tag team champion, former 2 time GWA world champion, former CHRW industrial champion and a former CHRW high risk champion.

You can't have a show without this guy. Contact Adam at

Barry Ace

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Barry Ace is an actor along with being a wrestler. He stands 6 foot tall and weighs in at 200 pounds. Ace entered the biz in 2001, trained by Jason Rumble. This talented performer has been a wrestler, manager and referee. Barry worked with Jimmy Snuka, Rick Fuller, Kofi Kingston, Little Louie, Matt Stryker, Palmer Canon, Chad Dick, and the then-NWA World Tag Team champions, the New Heavenly Bodies. He has held the NEWA Heavyweight Championship, NEWA Tag Team championship, and ROW Championship twice. His acting roles have been an Adidas commercial with Kevin Garnett, Special Agent Pierce Styles in a few episodes of High Heel Samurai and in the moviesWhat Doesn't Kill You the Fighter, Mission Park, and Visions of Vengance. To book him (wrestling or acting) contact him at

Velvet Jones

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Anthony 'Velvet' Hall

Velvet Jones, originally from Newark, NJ is 6' tall and weighs in 212 pounds. He was trained by Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott aka Hugh Morrus

He currenly wrestles in GA, NC, SC ,FL, and VA.

Velvet held the GIWA Heavyweight, GIWA Tag Team, and GIWA Mid-State title, FWF MultiMedia champion, and an undefeated CWO World champion.

To book him, which you should Also check out and

Michael Modest

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Micheal Modest wrestlers and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pro Wrestler/ USA, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Canada

FILM, TV, BEYOND THE MAT, co-owner of PRO WRESTLING IRON, VIDEO GAMES (KINGS OF THE COLISEUM WAS THE BEST), Wrestled at the Tokyo Dome, Budokan and every other major venue in Japan, Talk Shows, Print adds, Magazines, Radio! Modest fought for one of the most popular wrestling promotions in Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH where he became the 6th wrestler to hold the NOAH GHC Jr. Heavey Weight Championship on March 30, 2003 by beating Yoshinobu Kanemaru.

Modest is a California Bay Area Legend. Modest has wrestled for WWE, WCW,PWI, APW, UPW, TNA, ROH, BTW, XPW to name a few.

Modest frequently teamed with Donovan Morgan to form Excellence Inc. but is a highly effective singles competitor! He has worked as an independent contractor for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and numerous independent promotions. He was also featured in the Barry Blaustein documentary Beyond the Mat.

His fighting style is very unpredictable sometimes becoming a little unstable. He is incredibly versatile in the ring and a quick study when learning new maneuvers. He has studied many different styles of wrestling and takes a little from each one. He is quick-tempered and explosively strong for his size. He brutalizes opponents with his clotheslines and his “Reality Check” special has spelled the end for many opponents.

To Book him, Contact him at And follow him on Facebook.

The Suburban Commandos T-Rent and D-Unit

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This is the first Tag Team I'm talking about, and well, they might be the best I talk about. The Suburban Commandos, T-Rent (6' 300) and D-Unit (6'1" 300), are from Oakland, California. Both men trained by Pogo the Clown and Vic Grimes, these men have worked SO MANY PROMOTIONS, its not even funny. Here they are,
Supreme Pro Wrestling, All Pro Wrestling, North American Wrestling, Epic Pro Wrestling War, West Coast Wrestling Company, West Coast Wrestling Alliance, Devil Mountain Wrestling, Definitve Wrestling International, All Combat Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Insane Wrestling League, Pro Wrestling Eclipse and Pro Wrestling Revolution plus MANY more. Theses guys started out in 2003 and have faced the likes of Gangrel, the Bushwackers, and even Generation Me. They have held the PWE, NAW, WCWA, DMW, CCW, BRAWL, DWI and the FSW tag team championships. That's too many for me to count.
So your probably thinking, how do I book these Suburban Commandos? Contact D-Unit (Dustin) at

Jason "Suicide King" Doughtery

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Jason "Suicide King" Daughtery, is one hell of a hardcorist. He is 6 foot tall, 260 pounds. He has wrestled with the best Matt Striker, Billy Kidman, Batista, Duece and Domino, Gene Snitsky and he's even tagged with-Jimmy Snuka! He claims he never leavs home without his...Thumbtacks! He created and has trademarked the Steel Cage Mat match, where there is the basics steel cage along with a piece of cage on the mat. Not only is he a hardcorist he is a highflyer. Jason is able to Moonsault! His first title was the WXW Hardcore Title, and the only ever 3 time ECPW champ.

How the hell do you not book this guy? Book him at


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